Farm Waste Water

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Brand – Model 060 Universal 2 Series

Dirty water with 5% solids. Solids typically found in the water were organic and compressible (no rocks or metals).

The customer needed to meter the dirty waste water. During the process, the originally installed progressive cavity (PC) pumps would often run dry, causing the stator and rotor to fail.

The customer replaced their PC pumps with WCB positive displacement (PD) pumps due to their ability to handle solid particulates and run dry conditions (Note: to accommodate this type of process a flush seal was required).

WCB Universal 2 Series pumps with External Circumferential Piston (“ECP”) style rotors with larger crossover clearances and higher efficiencies were able to pump the solids without issue. Another benefit the pumps provided was a reduction in the amount of slip through the pump, thus improving process efficiency, reducing the required horsepower, and substantially reducing the ambient noise; all contributing to an improved work environment.

Availability of the Tru-Fit pump design helped to reduce the initial pump cost and saved valuable manufacturing floor space. The Tru-Fit design also removed the customer’s need for additional alignment steps during installation. The combined benefits of the PD pump significantly improved the customer’s total cost of ownership; the reduction in cost was sufficient enough that they justified replacing all of their progressive cavity pumps with WCB Universal 2 Series pumps.

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