Extracts, Oils, and Flavors

SPX EcoPure™ Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

Extracts, Oils and Flavors

A producer of hops extracts and oils used traditional progressive cavity pumps in their process and would experience regular leakage of oil and extract on the factory floor. They also had difficulty with cleaning the pump completely during their CIP process.

Wanting to eliminate the continuous product leakage and have a more hygienic pump, an SPX EcoPure pump was installed in the process. The EcoPure pump’s magnetic coupling eliminated the rotating seals in the process that would be coated by product causing leaks over time. Since the EcoPure pump does not contain any rotating mechanical seals, the pump eliminated the potential for leakage at the seal points. The 3-A certified and EHEDG compliant design of the EcoPure also provided improved clean-ability of both the pump and process.

The customer further benefited from the unique impeller and casing design which improved operational efficiency, reduced noise and vibration and eliminated the costly replacement of rotors and stators.




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