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SPX EcoPure™ Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

Dairy – Yogurt, Milk (Skim, 1%, 2%, Whole), Ice cream (white, chocolate and sherbet), Pasteurized Cream, Cheese Milk, Chocolate and Strawberry

The Babcock Hall Dairy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had a traditional sanitary centrifugal pump that required routine maintenance on the seals, operated inefficiently, and caused excessive noise and vibration.

The SPX EcoPure pump was placed in the pasteurization process to feed the balancing tank. The EcoPure pump’s magnetic coupling eliminated the rotating seals in the process that would be worn down by the abrasive sugars in the chocolate and strawberry mixes.

Since the EcoPure pump does not contain any rotating mechanical seals, the pump eliminated the build-up of “Milk Stone” (dried proteins) that would form on the seals and eventually cause them to leak. Furthermore, the unique impeller and casing design improved the operational efficiency, allowed the dairy to run at lower motor speeds, and significantly reduced the noise and vibration in the system.

The pump has 3-A approval and is designed in accordance with EHEDG standards. To validate the clean-ability of the EcoPure, the University performed regularly-scheduled swab tests after running their CIP process. Results showed that the pump passed all swab tests without any modification to their CIP process.


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