Beverage Syrup & Water Conservation

SPX FLOW EcoPure™ Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

Beverage / Soft Drinks

Beverage syrup process: 120 GPM, 30 psi, 40 cps, 80°F

A global producer of soft drinks previously used traditional hygienic centrifugal pumps to move syrup to their blending stations. The syrup has a high percentage of sugar which dries and crystalizes on the seal faces, thus requiring double mechanical seals with a water flush. The customer had initiatives to reduce the amount of water used in their facilities and therefore was interested in eliminating flush water from their process.

The SPX FLOW EcoPure pump replaced the original centrifugal pumps in the process. The pump’s magnetic coupling eliminated the need for rotating mechanical seals and removed the potential for leakage at the seal points.

The customer benefited from the unique impeller and casing design to improve operational efficiency, reduce system noise and vibration, eliminate costly replacement of seal parts, and they no longer require a double mechanical seal with water flush; saving thousands of gallons of water.

The EcoPure pump is 3A approved and designed in accordance with EHEDG standards.


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